Financial Planning

The Wealth Pyramid has 3 layers. Wealth Creation is myopically viewed as the generation of maximum returns. Factoring in risks and planning for it is mostly ignored which jeopardizes the ultimate goal of building wealth. 

Who needs Financial Planning?

People tend to put off Financial Planning due to the Myth of ‘No Money’ or ‘Enough Money’. The reality is that, instead of making it a habit, people tend to look at Financial planning only as a remedial measure like dieting for weight loss. The fact is everyone needs Financial Planning meeting their unique situations and aspirations to give a structure to their goals and investments.

USP @ 360° Finance

We at 360° Finance build the Wealth Pyramid of Investors, factoring in their unique circumstances, so that their ultimate goal of Happy Financial Life is achieved. We strive to do multi-generational life-cycle planning for our clients in a comprehensive and structured manner.

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